Let’s introduce ourselves: we are Mattias, Anniek and Tobi. Adventurers, outdoor lovers, green dreamers and Tiny House dwellers. Creative, determined, positive and sometimes a little radical. We value family, friendships, being outdoors and being free. Slowly, we travel the world, we try to keep our ecological footprint small by living conscious and Tiny in The Netherlands.


Anniek is the biggest traveler of the three. After finishing her high school, she and her friend Pauline went to the other side of the world to explore Australia and New Zealand in a year. Back in the Netherlands she started studying Human Geography and Urban and regional planning, to discover the world from a theoretical perspective. That was very interesting, but also sometimes a bit boring. Anniek wanted to travel again, exploring new places. Together with Mattias she made wild plans about a trip in a small camper. In the summer of 2017 we left and the eleven months of traveling showed us that we did not want to go back to our old life, but would like to live permanently live in a Tiny house. So we build one. Anniek loves (vegan) cooking, shopping in second-hand stores, reading books, hiking in nature and discovering new places in interesting cities.


Mattias is a big animal lover. In the past, as a teenager, he smuggled a rabbit in his bedroom, without permission of his parents. As a student he got his cat Finn and as a twenty-something he finally got Anniek crazy enough to adopt a dog in Greece. As an animal lover, he doesn’t eat animals or dairy products. The love for animals also manifests itself in the love for the earth. From his studies in environmental and social sciences, he learned that people don’t take good care of the earth. And he does not want to participate anymore. By building a tiny house and living a minimalist lifestyle, he forces himself not to participate in the current society, but to live minimalist and green. With a creative mind and optimistic lifestyle he makes the impossible possible. It seems impossible to build a Tiny House by yourself, but he does it anyway. With a little building experience and in good spirits he builds a sustainable and beautiful Tiny House.



Our furry friend, Tobi, started his dog life in an adventurous way. The first days of his life he roamed the street until he and his brothers and sisters were put in a box on the ferry to the Greek island of Thassos. They were found and taken to the shelter. Months later we saw a picture of Tobi, and fell in love. In March 2018 we picked him up from the island and since then inseparable. He first traveled with us to Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine to finally go home with us. Tobi has some problems. He isn’t socialized due to his life in the shelter, which makes him extremely scared of everything. He prefers to be with us, in the middle of nowhere. Where he can run around full of energy. He does not like city life, but as long as we are together he can handle everything.

Would you like to know more about us or would you like to start a project with us? Let us know at info@welivealittle.com, or leave a comment below!

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