For a year, we called our yellow campervan our house. Our home on wheels, build by ourselves. Bringing us to beautiful places. The van was our shelter for rain and cold, it felt as a cozy home. On this page you can find more about our van and the build. Here, you can find more about travelling in a campervan.

Renault TraficRenault Trafic v313

During the search for the perfect van, we only had two requirements for the car. It has to be affordable and has a 4×4 system. As you might understand, this made the search very narrow.  Most 4×4 vans are pretty expensive. So when we found the yellow Renault Trafic on the internet, we fell in love instantly. The van is built in 1991 and used as an air traffic control van on Schiphol airport. A Dutch-Moroccan man bought the van and drove it to Morocco every summer. The last couple of years the van has been rusting away in an old shed, somewhere in the countryside of the Netherlands. The van was drivable, but very very shabby. But we bought in anyway and started to fix the van and build the inside in a DIY garage in Amsterdam.

The inside of the van

Renault trafic vanlifeThe yellow van we bought didn’t look like a camper. In nine months we completely changed the inside
and made it into a small campervan. Mattias did most of the work and Anniek helped wherever she could. We made small progress, and after a couple of months the van started to look like a camper. The bed, kitchen and storages were build. We also made a small pop top to be able to be registred as a campervan, to get discount on our yearly tax.  In the front we build storage under and in between the chairs. After months of working on the van we started to make little trips to the countryside. The inside is a bit different than other small campers. We have an expandable bed on the one side and a big cabinet on the other side. We have a lot of storage under the bed. The kitchen is at the back of the van, so for preparing lunches and dinner we mainly cook outside. When its too cold or too rainy we can also cook from the inside. Renault trafic vanlifeWe’ve got a solar panel for our lights and to charge our phones and laptops. The passenger seat can be turned, so we have a nice and cosy living room. The inside of the van is very small, but because is such a multi functional space, it is perfect to live in and travel around for a year.

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5 thoughts on “OUR YELLOW VAN

  1. Love your little van :) I’m just about to buy one myself, but still trying to get a feel for the dimensions. Do you know how high/long/wide your vehicle is? And how high/long/wide is your living area? Couldn’t find much information on the Internet, just about the new Trafics, but I’m not sure they size up the same. Thanks a ton and happy travelings, Sascha

    1. Hey Sacha,

      Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure about the exact dimensions, since our van is stored right now. I think it’s about 1.7 x 2.3 m for the storage compartment.

      Good luck with the build, would love to do it all over again.


      1. Thanks for the reply :) Been just backpacking around Europe but it’s time for my camper van now. I really like your old little car. Any suggestions where to look for a rare 4×4 like yours? All the new panel vans are not really that great for off road purposes :(

  2. Hey , nice build. Have that same Van for 2 1/2 years now. The Dimension are right.
    Where did you get that rising roof from ? It’s pretty cool.
    Have some issues with spare parts for the van , dealing with hot air Problems from the air condition in Summer . But the Rest of the Van is working fine , never had much Problems.

    Cheers , Dennis

    1. Hey Denis! Thanks. Cool, what colour is your renault? Also 4×4? We bought the rising roof on marktplaats.nl (the Dutch ebay). Ah yes it is hard to get some spare parts for the van indeed, luckely we always managed to get things fixed! Ciao, Anniek

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