One important reason to live a minimalistic lifestyle, is our attempt to live sustainably. At this day and age, almost everyone is trying to do something in the realm of their ecological footprint. For many, this feels like a big challenge. There is just so much to take into consideration, where on earth should I start? And then there is always that person, or the voice in your head, with a cynical mind. What is the point of all your effort? What difference does it actually make in the bigger scheme of things?

Its easy to reduce your ecological footprint

I’m living by two rules, that make it all rather easy to work on your footprint. And when I say work, I don’t actually think it takes a real effort. First of all, you should be focused on your impact and your impact only. Don’t make other’s actions your problem, keep it simple. The problem is solved, as soon as everybody takes care of his of her own environmental impact. An approach that could theoretically solve most of our problems as of tomorrow. Secondly, in response to the cynical mind, telling us it isn’t worth the effort altogether. Let’s talk about the effort for a bit, because in my mind, it isn’t a big effort at all. The effort is, changing your patterns and behavior. That is a onetime effort so to say, and afterwards you’re done for ‘ever’. If you’re one of those people, taking a radical approach, the effort is extremely short, and it will be over before you even know it. If you take a gradual approach, the effort is cut into tiny baby steps, which aren’t a big deal if you think about it. Either way, the effort of getting used to new customs, is only very temporary. If you’re done, you’re good to go for the foreseeing future.

Get inspired

Finding new methods and habits, is also rather easy. Many people have done the same, and you can easily get inspired by their tips and tricks. We aim to do just that, and hope to inspire you to make yet another little step. For a starter, you can read up on our attempts to reduce our waste production, or you can check out some products we ourselves use to minimize our impact on the environment.

Any thoughts? Feel free to pitch in to this conversation in the comments down below!

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