Veganism has been around for years and years, and will be for many more to come. It however still has a strange tone to it, for a lot of people at least. Supposedly, it’s unnatural (aren’t we a meat-eating species?), unhealthy, and way to radical. Stuff like that. Quite a shame, because veganism is just as good a diet as any other, and in fact offers countless unique advantages compared. We had already shared our vegan story, and now it’s time for some more persuasive arguments. Ours 10 top benefits of veganism, might just be the push you need to join the team.

1. Save the planet

To start of with the most obvious one. With a vegan diet you’re taking the most effective road (and only one really) to put a halt to climate change. There are simply too many people on too little planet, to maintain a meat and dairy diet. One of our basic principles, is that you only need to worry about your own personal carbon footprint. Going vegan is simply a necessary part in that puzzle.

2.Save our furry friends

In some respects, even more important, is saving our furry friends. Many won’t even bother to think about it, but there is some extreme mass murder going on, on a daily basis. If you really think about it, it might just hit you. Even if you’re a die hard meat eater. Consider our boy Tobi. I would never kill him, to enjoy some meat on my plate in the evening, and I hope you won’t either. I also don’t want to discriminate, and so I wouldn’t want to kill another animal, simply because they look differently or I don’t know them personally. Pigs are still a lot smarter then other animals. Is the color of their skin all of a sudden reason for mass murder? For me it isn’t clearly.

3. Save your own body

Even if the first two benefits seem completely irrelevant to you, there is more. You don’t have to be a philanthropist to be a vegan. If you’re not, at least do it for your own health. With avoiding meat and dairy, you’re also free of countless artificial stuff that comes with it. Think antibiotics for example, that is used fanatically in the sector. If you have the choice to simply have a healthy diet without these unnatural processed food, would you take the change?

4. Becoming aware of your diet

When you’re going vegan, you’re changing your diet. And just with any diet voordelen van veganismechange, you’re forced to rethink what you’re eating, what is in your food, and why you eat what you eat. It’s a great opportunity to become aware of what you’re actually eating. If you’re starting to actually read what is in the processed food you find in the supermarket, you’ll be amazed. Not everything is bad, but often there is more strange sounding unnatural stuff in there than you’d wish.

5. Get creative

Changing your diet, will not only make you more aware, but will also push you to get a little creative. Everybody has his own go to recipes, that taste good and are easy to make. When you change you’re diet, you loose most of these easy solutions, and you have to start building new ones. A perfect opportunity to get creative and refresh the topchef within you.

6. Feel better at the dinner table

The philanthropist in you will feel relieved after you switched to a vegan diet. Obviously, it is good for the planet, but it honestly is just as much so for yourself. What’s better than feeling like you’re doing a good thing, whilst eating delicious food?

7. Get in shape easily

Another upside for personal gain, is the fact that a vegan diet is a lot less fat and sweet than vegetarian or a meat one. Going vegan just before summer comes around, is a perfect way to loose a few kilo’s and get in shape.

8. Enjoy a more simple kitchen setup

Just like a life without waste does, offers a vegan diet some benefits for your kitchen setup. With a vegan diet, you hardly need to keep food cooled in your fridge. Not only can you manage easily with a small fridge now, even that one won’t get cramped as easily as normal households often do.

9. It helps you in going zero waste

If you’re just like us, you’re probably struggle a lot with attempts to go zero waste. The hard elements are those that really require proper packaging, like dairy and meat. If you let go of those once and for all, you won yet another battle in the zero waste front.

10. You do what has to be done

There are so many advantages to a vegan diet, that you won’t feel like you’re making any offers really. At the same time, there is still so much negativity around the subject, and percentage wise, there is a lot to gain. Considering the fact that almost everybody is at some level aware of climate change issues, and prepared to help out with the solution, veganism should get a lot more praise for its potential. You might just be one of those people, aware and eager to change something for the better. Veganism, might be the perfect solution then. It is extremely effective in reducing your footprint, you avoid a lot of harm with a single choice, and it is even very healthy for your own body. The last hurdle might be a practical one, because the switch could seem a little overwhelming. If that is the case, read more about our key tips for an effortless switch.

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