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When we think about the term: Zero Waste, we think about our friend Jessie Kroon, who is the co-founder of the Zero Waste Project. Yes, she is the straight up pro. We aren’t, by far. But we still try, and we might as well share with you what we’ve learned so far while we’re at it. The idea is simple. Creating waste isn’t a necessity at all, you can choose to live without. The beauty: a life without waste offers headspace, and room in your heart and house in return. Let me tell you why.

Space in your house

A life without waste, isn’t solely a philanthropic undertaking. The benefits for your personal life, are just as big. The most practical example, is the freed up space in your house. If you’re trying to live a minimalistic lifestyle, you probably already made an attempt to declutter drastically. Getting rid of unnecessary crap. The actual crap will however still find it’s way in, in unlimited amounts, in an endless stream. Even if you already made the obvious choice to recycle and separate your different waste streams, it still (even more so) makes your kitchen to be some sort of waste site. It’s something strange, that living without waste is an actual possibility, but we neglect to follow up on it. Isn’t garbage duty the most ungrateful job on the planet? Better quit it altogether. This one is especially relevant when you decide to live tiny.

zero wasteHeadspace

You might think we’re overthinking it a little here, claiming that living without waste will offer you headspace in return. Maybe you’re right. It doesn’t have to, as literally. At the same time it is, because all the stuff in your life is screaming for a little bit of your attention and all the weekly tasks take up a little up your energy and time. I’m not saying that your garbage will cause you to burn out, obviously it won’t. But all things combined, it could work the other way around. Eliminate stuff in your life that uses up your energy, especially the negative ones, and you’ll be more free and relieved.


Free of guilt

The headspace has to do with all the noise that is long overdue. But being pressurized by things around you also goes a little deeper. It’s how you feel in your heart, that determines the weight on your shoulders related to those things and tasks. For me, waste, is one of those very negative things, that I actually feel rather bad about. Of course, waste is a very normal thing, but still I felt bad about creating so much of it, without any expected change of course. That feeling was reinforcing the amount of headspace this aspect of life took away from me. Living with less waste, offered me the headspace I’d lost, and took away a little of that burden, or guilt. Isn’t that worth the world?

We are still trying to figure out this zero waste thing. Did we inspire you, but still clueless as where to start. Read more about going zero waste here.

Any tips or questions? Feel free to pitch in in the comments down below.

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