While sustainable living might mostly be beneficial for others, living little is also a purely self enriching lifestyle. If you don’t care about others or the planet, you can still be an active minimalist. Obviously, minimalism is very trendy now, but we are quite sure it’s more than that. Maybe it is some type of counter movement to the consumerist society of the past 50 years or so. We’re not sure what it is about it, but we can say with great certainty that it has a lot to offer for your personal life as well.

We more or less stumbled into the whole minimalism thing by accident. We had decided to go on a long term travel in a very small yellow campervan. Without any money or big income, it was hard to save up enough for this big journey. And obviously we couldn’t bring a lot of our stuff with us in the first place. Hence, decluttering was the pragmatic perfect solution for us. It was only after we had set out on our journey already, that we discovered the way in which minimalism can impact your live a lot more fundamentally than only you getting rid of your stuff. Minimalism offers freedom, not only the feeling of it, but also real actual freedom in your daily life. Below you can find some information about the minimalistic lifestyle we are trying to live. Do you want to know more, or have anything to add? Feel free to leave a comments on one of the information pages or hit us an email on