Living little, or small, isn’t only about physical things, like decluttering and a tiny house. Being free, mostly comes down to feeling free. Eliminating things that take up space in your head, is therefor just as important as decluttering your house. All your stuff is screaming for attention, but all your daily obligations are just as demanding. De-worrying will allow you to also be free in your head. The good part, you can start right now.

You don’t have to do anything

De-worrying is such a broad concept, it relates to about anything in your personal life. Obviously, that is a bit of a meaningless message. What it comes down to however, is that you don’t have to do anything. Everybody is always busy, and has an endless list of obligations. The feeling that you have to do all these things, is however a little stupid. Staying in that boring job, going to tiring birthday parties, don’t go on that travel because it isn’t the ‘right time’. It’s all your choice, and your choice only. What you spend your time on, that is up to you.

Keep it simple

If you take your own responsibility as the starting point, the next step is to actually start de-worrying. To do that, you have to keep everything as simple as you can. Take in mind the essentials, and put the rest in the optional box. When we went on a yearlong travel, far away from home, we literally did just that. It offered us the opportunity to find focus and discover what mattered most to us, at the very core off it all. It doesn’t mean that all the other things our completely irrelevant, but it helps to stop worrying about all the little things all the time.

In practice

Doing that in practice, that is actually quite simple. First, there is all the non-social blur in your life, that takes up a little of your energy. Think subscriptions to magazines, television, etc. By taking away that noise, you’ll be left with some headspace and less bills to pay. Now, it gets interesting. Time to simplify your work and social life a little. Both quite important, but not as untouchable as often thought. For once, think about what you actually need in your life in terms of income, workload and social interaction. I reckon, it’s a lot less than you have on your plate at this very moment. My view is that the extra amount added on top of your personal needs, are a source for worries in your head. You’re not in control anymore, and end up being dictated by what your work and social life need of you, rather than the other way around.

This is how we did it

As I mentioned earlier, our choice to travel abroad for a year or so, made it all quite easy. We had to quit our jobs, put social activity on hold for the months to come, and obviously ended all ‘simple’ noise that costs us any money and time. What works for us, isn’t for everybody though. You could however try make some drastic choices, to really get yourself going with the de-worrying. Being radical may seem little too much to others, but it’s often just the simplest choice for yourself



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