Living sustainable and minimalistic, relates to all sorts of issues in and around your home. What you eat, how you heat, what your waste is, how much stuff you have and buy. Changing all these habits to sustainable ones, can be done gradually and slowly from your old living situation. At some point however, you might feel like going the extra mile, but your old home doesn’t fit your new lifestyle no more. There are limits to what a regular house has to offer in terms of sustainability and minimalism.Therefor, we went from our apartment in the city, to a traveling in a small camper, to building an off-grid tiny house. Sometimes you have to push it a little, and force the next step to a sustainable lifestyle.Find out why living tiny, makes all the difference for living sustainable and minimalistic.


Water use, that may just be the hardest one to minimize in a regular home. It’s not only the physical things like toilets which use an insane amount of water, it’s also a mental challenge. If there is an endless and cheap clean water supply all year long, it probably just won’t really hit you. It’s only after you really have to make the effort for some healthy water, that changing your use comes easy on you. When we lived in a campervan beyond EU borders, we more often than not, had issues finding healthy water. Therefor we ended up only using about 60 to 80 liters a week with the two of us and a dog. You won’t beat that, in your regular home.



The same goes for your energy consumption. When you live off-grid and have to take care of your own supply, you really start to appreciate the intangible thing called electricity. Using heavy users and big machines just isn’t an option in a campervan or a tiny house, and you find out soon enough that you’re not missing out on anything. In fact, having only a few machines and tools, keeps things nice and simple. Habits from a normal house, like leaving machines plugged without reason, are pastime before you know it.


Trying to live zero-waste, isn’t only about the waste itself and planet anymore when you live tiny. In fact, it’s mostly for yourself. With only 20 square meters of home, spending a decent amount on garbage cans, just isn’t an option.


The biggest upside about living tiny, is the absolute need to throw out all unnecessary belongings. There is no middle ground here, and procastinating the big clean up, will result in instant irritation. Two boxes of stuff, in your living room, a.k.a. hall way, a.k.a. kitchen, will turn you into a radical minimalist soon enough. Read more about the decluttering on this page.


Getting rid of all your crap, will also help a lot in loosing your unhealthy consumerist habits. Having no spare space for new belongings, is a game changer when you try to resist all the fancy stuff in the mall. Buying something new, will most often require you to throw out the old. Are you really ready to get rid of your favorite jeans? No? That what’s I thought.

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