There is no such thing as humane meat

As a kid, at some point, I had chosen to from now on, only eat ‘animal friendly meat’. Eating meat felt as the most normal thing, but I couldn’t bare the idea of mistreated animals. Hence, I made my mom buy the expensive stuff. Once I moved to a room whilst studying, the fancy meat became too expensive, and I lost sight of what motivated me in the first place. A few years later I remembered, and decided to become vegetarian altogether. It seemed strange to me, how could I’ve been so ignorant up until now? Why did I even considered ‘animal friendly’ meat to be a sane thing? In hindsight, it felt funny. Becoming vegetarian was quite a thing, at the time even more so. A few years in however, it had become the most normal choice ever. Quite some people had made the move by then, and nobody considered it to be irresponsible or hippy like whatsoever. I was a student in environmental studies, and hence I knew a thing or two about meat and dairy production. In my heart, I knew that dairy was almost as bad as meat, in terms of environmental impact and animal welfare just as much. But I wasn’t ready for the the switch just yet. It was only when my little sister made the move to a vegan life, that I suddenly got woken up and joined in. Once again, it felt like the obvious choice in hindsight. How could’ve been neglecting the facts all those years? I became a vegan.

Vegan, just another dietvegan

I was the radical guy once again and Anniek joined the hippie team soon enough. Even though countless people around the world have lived vegan for years and years now, in my environment I was the odd one (alongside my family, which almost entirely followed my little sisters lead). Hence, I expected it to be rather hard to stick to, and implement in my life. I would find out shortly, that all the fuss about it, isn’t justified at all. Being a vegan, or eating plant-based, isn’t rocket science. It’s just another diet, and for most people it is a perfectly healthy one. It has a lot of upsides, not only for the planet but even more so for your own health.

Our choice

Sharing our vegan story and experience, might offend some of you. Being vegan, seems to have that effect sometimes, talking about it only makes it worse apparently. It’s a shame really, because it isn’t an attack on any ones choices. You should decide yourself, what to eat and what not. Veganism simply offers a rather easy way to drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Considered that veganism is also a very healthy choice for your body and mind, it feels like the only right choice for ús. We can talk about the pro’s and con’s endlessly, as we love to do. In the end, you are the one calling the shots, and you yourself decide what to eat and for what reason.

What we love to do, is just share how we became and are still vegan. Along the way, you might realize that it isn’t hard at all. It’s the easy choice, and in hindsight feels like such a good one, enriching our live and bringing relief and happiness. I hope you feel inspired to follow along! If you want to get started already, read along about our tips to easily becoming a vegan, and our 10 top benefits of veganism.

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