All one – dit merk snapt het

When I first read texts and stories on their Instagram page, I didn’t even consider it to be a commercial brand. It’s not uncommon for brands to have a philantrophical brandstory, or to share some socially activist content, but this was brand philosophy on a whole new level altogether. So much even, that it offered a real contribution to my personal one. From the first moment, I knew this would be my new most favorite brand. And you know what they are selling? Soap.

Who cares, it’s soap

At the time, we were traveling in a little tiny campervan throughout some unbeaten territory behind the EU borders. The whole purpose of the journey was to actually get to these desolated areas and really live in nature for about a year. Off-grid, sustainable, natural. All these things. In hindsight, we didn’t have the slightest idea about what we were doing. We got sick from drinking unsafe water, we struggled to maintain our vegan diet and didn’t think about the ecological impact of our detergents and cosmetics for a second, before we arrived. It was only when we where forced to leave our waste water right in those serene untouched areas, that the importance of the soap story really started to hit me.

There is sustainable soap, and there is Dr. Bronner

Obviously, ecological friendly soap isn’t anything new at all. There are ample examples of biodegradable and sustainable soaps. And it is fine, great even, if you already are using a responsible alternative. But for me, the brand and story behind a product are important as well. Even tough soap doesn’t really has my interest, it now does, ever since I buy it from somebody who has the right ideas. With the soap of Dr. Bronner, it’s not only it’s story, it also is the way their product works.

All one or none

Dr. Bronner is the founder of the brand, and actually only started selling soap back in the days, because he wanted to spread his world philosophy. By putting his message on soap bars, he was able to reach more people. Pretty genius right. Dr. Bronner spreads a message of unity and believes that we’re all-one (or none). Sounds simple and it is. If applied consequently though, it has major implications on your personal choices. One of which, is your impact on the natural environment. Hence, the soap products are completely natural and cause no harm when deposited in nature.


A good brand philosophy is nice, but in the end it’s the products that need to sell. Luckily for me, the Dr. Bronner products are just as the story: simple and genius. The most commonly known product is there 18-in-1 soap. Literally 18 uses in one bottle. It is effective and super versatile. During our travels, this is what we needed. Rather than 18 different bottles, we could bring one bottle that solved both all our problems and was also harmless for nature. We use it for washing hair and body, doing the dishes, cleaning, and even cleaning our dog Tobi. The other 13 uses? We didn’t even got to try them all. We did try to brush our teeth with it, but let’s just say that it will only be our back up toothpaste for now..

Do you have experiences with other good eco friendly soaps? Let us know in the comments down below!

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