In the other post, I explained why water is one of those things that make us aware of the differences between the EU and its neighbors. Like many things, you just need to find a way to adapt. You need a proper solution. We have found ours, with our new favorite brand: Sawyer. Let me explain how our water setup looks now.


We like simple and reliable systems. Our water system is for the most part exactly that. A clean and grey water tank underneath the van. They sit where normally the spare tire would go. Easy access is key, and they can be taken out without touching a screw, in only ten minutes. A filler cap on the side of the van allows for filling with a hose. In the back of the van, you find our kitchen. A little sink, a basic tap, and a cheap pump that pushes the water up from beneath. The latter is our Achilles. The pump is cheap, simple and basic. Turns out, it’s a little too cheap, and it breaks down when it freezes or after to many uses. But everybody needs an Achilles right?

Back in the EU we could just fill directly from the tap. Behind the border, we can’t. No tap, or no safe tap. That is where the Sawyer Point Zero Two Purifier Kit comes into play. Before we insert water into the tank, it goes through the filter. The beauty is that it is a gravitational filter, and only needs little pressure. If there is a tap, we connect the filter to the tap and use our spare water tank as a temporary container. But if there is no tap, the filter can easily be used with the bucket system provided. This means that any area that has some type of water source is safe for us to travel to. In terms of water at least..


Obviously, we don’t stay in the van all day. Whenever we can, we set out to eplore by foot. On a good hike. But like many things, outside of the EU, you often cannot rely on a trail to much. Hikes most often don’t go as planned. But what you do no, is that you’ll get hot and thirsty. That is where our Sawyer S1 Squeeze Water Filter becomes our little -on the go- savior. The size of a regular bottle, and as simple as a kids toy. We fill the bottle, squeeze, drink, and repeat. With this one, we can drink from about any source. For even more safety you could also use the S2 or S3.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to read about the water situation we often get to face, in my previous post. Let’s hope this finishes the existence of bottled water for once and for all!

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