A tiny house might just be the most romantic idea of our time. Cozy, small, beautifully build and tucked away in some forest or peaceful countryside. Soon, you will start dreaming about your own tiny house and come up with some original cool lay out. It is only when you really start to think your floor plan through, that you will be met with the harsh truth. Making a floor plan for such a tiny house is a matter of making compromises. Every millimeter is vital. It’s an endless ball game, frustrating, but equally fun. With the right strategy you’ll have a smooth process and end up with a plan all family members can live with.

1. Make lists

Start with writing down stuff on all type of lists. What thing would you want to bring from your current home to your tiny one? What facilities are your bare minimum and what are other key requirements for your? (Do you want your bedroom to be separated with a door for example?) By listing all these thing, you will start to get a feeling about what might be a cause for friction. This will help you to drop some unrealistic requirements in an early stage.

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2. Go back to basics

It’s rather easy to have an endless wish list and to get caught up with all the thing you would want your tiny house to have. It’ s a lot harder to keep things simple. If you succeed however, you will be able to make tough choices further down the road a lot easier. In the end, keeping your tiny house simple and clean will make your life a lot more relaxed.

3. Make sketches, drawings and models

Everybody who has every really thought about going tiny, has made some quick sketches about it. Great! Going from initial idea to a full blown working design, takes a whole lot of sketching and drawing. Putting it on paper will shown you soon enough what works and what doesn’t. You think you finally found what you’ve been looking for? Time to make a model of it, in Google Sketchup for example. No doubt that you will hit some new obstacles after you’ve seen a 3D version of your design. Time to start with a new sketch and work your way up to the final model once again!

4. Do a real life test

When you’re really convinced about your design, it’s time to get some more feeling for it. It’s only when you really stand in the space, that you have a feeling if it will work or that it might be a little to cramped. Get to a beach or empty field and try to measure out your home with sticks and ropes and whatever you can find. You could even try it out in an actual room. Our first real life test was on a beach somewhere in Morocco, can you imagine that? People thought we we’re playing some very strange game. Anyway. If you passed this step without any doubt, you’re ready to get building!

With these little tricks, we managed to come up with a design that perfectly fitted our needs and wishes. In hindsight, our ‘final’ design is completely different from our initial ideas. A clear sign that a process like this is worth the effort. Discover what our current design looks like on this page. Do you have any additional ideas for new tiny house dreamers? Let us know in the comments down below.

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