A house. It seems to be the most normal thing ever. Yet, it is such a vital part of life. Without a house you’re nothing, hence almost everybody has one. A few walls, floor, and a roof. Basically all the same. At the same time, very different. You might be unaware of it, but your house has a major influence on your life. Where you live, how you live, how much you have to work, how close you are with your loved ones. A choice for a tiny house, is therefor a choice for a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has a major impact on everything. Let me explain.

On your wallet

A major benefit of living in a tiny house, is the low costs. Decreasing your living space might seem like making a sacrifice. The opposite is true. Living small, also means living cheap. And with low fixed costs, you gain a whole lot of freedom. Hence, downsizing means putting yourself first. Not because you’re lazy, but because you yourself should be the director of your live, not your paycheck.

zero wasteOn your lifestyle

A tiny house isn’t the only way to live small and cheap. It is however the only that really helps you start living a free lifestyle altogether. In a tiny house, you’ll really be forced to live with few possessions, little stuff, waste and distractions. You’ll will be able to focus on the important things in life, a lot easier. Being connected to the outside, literally close to you loved ones, and with a little hint of adventure around you all day long. Find out more about the benefits of living minimalistic on this page.

On the planet

Obviously, tiny houses aren’t only beneficial for personal gain, even more so for the future of the planet as a whole. Reducing your carbon footprint is on most peoples mind every now and then, but putting it to practice remains a bit of a struggle. The problem is that our society isn’t wired to stimulate sustainable living, and the way we’ve build our houses is a key example of that. Neglecting to remain part of the system is therefor the best way to change your personal behavior. Make a radical choice for a tiny house, and the rest will follow almost automatically.

On society

At this point, you already saved the planet, and made your own live a zillion times more free and relaxed. But it doesn’t end there, you might just as well save society from collapsing while you’re at it. It might differ for each country and region, but in the Netherlands the housing problem is a rather urgent one. Not only are the houses unsustainable in terms of energy and gas use, there is also simply a major shortage. The problem: the housing market is the most inflexible thing ever. First there are too many houses, and everybody looses their mortgage, then there are too few. And these fluctuations go on and on, while the market isn’t able to respond adequately. Tiny houses are the perfect life savior here: cheap, flexible and sustainable. What else do we have to say?

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  1. I found it interesting how you mentioned how smaller homes are better on the environment. My son wants to know how he can reduce his carbon footprint as he moves and I feel like a single family home would be the perfect way to do so. I will pass this on to him so he can assess all the available options!

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