You’ve decided; I am going to live in a tiny house. Good. Great even. Probably you’re already busy dreaming and thinking about your perfect tiny. The house itself isn’t the problem really, I reckon finding a place is the biggest hurdle to take. How on earth can you find a legal place to put it down for a while? We already gave you five tips to increase your changes for getting hold of a spot. But now it’s time to actually get going. A little overview as where to find your perfect place.

Your own network

A good start would be to do the obvious: let everyone know you’re looking for one. If all your facebook friends know about your search, you increase your reach dramatically.

Tiny House Nederland Facebook

The all Dutch Facebook group, brings together a very wide variety of people interested to join the movement. Hence most possible spots will come by in this group. Because many potential spots are in a developmental stage, you can easily scroll back, and find tons of projects that fit your requirements.

Local Tiny House collectives

A recent primary example of initiatives to join, are the countless local initiative groups working on potential spots in their area. These groups have a lot of work to do and can often be helped out by others who are willing to put some time and focus in it, like you. While you’re at it, you will learn a lot and meet like minded people at the same time. Doesn’t sound all too bad right?

Tiny House Netherlands website

Unfortunately, yet again an all Dutch platform, but still an important source of information. There is a forum, tons of blogs, and even a map with information about current and upcoming initiatives. Take some time to find out what initiatives might interest you, and just join everything that seems to make a fit.

Tiny House blogs

Lastly, all the websites of people already living in Tiny Houses. For us personally, this was a great source of inspiration. Mainly to get a feeling of the vibes on different type of spots, and to learn practical things about the tiny houses itself. Sometimes you also find some key information about upcoming free places for example. You can find a list of tiny house websites on the Tiny House NL website. A few of our favorites one are Tiny Thomas, Het Regenboog HuisjeTiny House Academy and the most famous Marjolein in het Klein.

Got curious about how our search is actually going? Find out more!

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