Finding a spot for your tiny house is tough job. So much even, that it might seem utterly unrealistic. I won’t sugarcoat it. It is hard. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It takes dedication, focus, and a good approach. The approach is everything. It’s the difference between waiting for your spot forever, and having ample opportunity right from the start of your search. With these five tiny house tips, you’ll at least make sure you have a lot of leads. Getting from no spot to a perfect spot, will always require to have a lot of potential spots in between.

Drop your demands

That might sound a little to simplified, just drop your demands. In reality, you’ll have some practical needs at least, I know. It’s just that it’s very easy to have a long list of demands. And it’s easy to give up on your search, because nothing fits your demands. It’s way harder to drop a bunch of them, and go in with an open mind. Try it sometime. Reduce your wishes to the very core. Strip it demand by demand. Would you really drop your tiny house dream altogether, if that one specific demand wouldn’t be viable? A good approach would be to first do things based on your core wishes, and work from there. See what opportunities come to you, and finally choose the one that fits your initial requirements best. Sounds easy right?

Have low expectations

The second of the tiny house tips: Having low expectations is always a good idea, but now more then ever. The harsh truth is that it’s just not very easy to get a spot. It’s a matter of finding out what you can expect along the way, and experiment your way through. There is no set path. It might only take a week, but it could as well be a year. When we had decided to build ourselves a tiny house, we didn’t even know there where legal opportunities really. In other words, we had no expectations at all. It was the perfect start for our search for a spot, it could only get better.

Take your time

Combine your low expectations with a complete lack of rush, and you’re good to go. Buying a house can easily take up month to a year. With a tiny house it just the same, maybe a little worse. Things can always come quicker than expected, but you shouldn’t rush it. Brace yourself for some waiting.

Be proactive

Taking your time, doesn’t mean you should be passive about it. Better take a proactive approach. A spot won’t come to you by itself, so get out there and go get what you’re looking for. Hanging around on the Tiny House Nederland Facebook won’t get you there. Find out what’s already happening, join every possible initiative, apply for all spots you can find, and even get in touch with local governments to create new spots altogether. It won’t only increase your changes; it will help the whole movement grow at once. Find out more about where you can start searching for spots on this page.

Last of the tiny house tips: Don’t wait for a spot, just start building

The ultimate way of being proactive, is to start building your tiny house right now already. Don’t wait for a spot, just go for it. Gamble? Yes. Irresponsible? No. Spots will come eventually; you can be certain about that. The worst case scenario, is that you’ll have to put your tiny house on a campsite or storage for a little while. But you’ll be ready and first in line for the next available spot either way. It’s only a matter of time you know!

Want to find out how our own search is actually going? Read along.

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