The floorplan of a tiny house comes together with some hard compromises and battles for every few centimeters. Every choice matters, because the limited outside measures are set beforehand. In other words, it’s a matter of setting priorities and making choices. Our choices are based on a few simple core principles we set ourselves, which you can read all about on this page. We will share the result on this page, but bare in mind: these things will be changing sooner or later anyway!

Why choose such a tiny tiny house

Our tiny home is relatively quite small. The inside measures are : (LxBxH) 7,32 x 2,46 x 2,59 meter. About 18 square meters. Our choice for a thermo swap body has everything to do with that. For us its just right. We know we could do with even less, after traveling in a tiny self build campervan for over a year. By limiting our space as much as we can, we also make our build cheaper and our energy need lower.

The floorplan

The floorplan displays the inside of our tiny house. With a simple walkthrough, you’ll understand the setup.
• Entrance with two big doors in the middle.
• To the right: lifted sitting area
• In the middle: kitchen with movable table/kitchen working area
• High up to the left: Closed alley. Used for water tanks and outside storage
• To the left: hallway to small sink, with bathroom right behind it (with composting toilet and shower)
• To the end: Cozy bed with closets underneath
• In the corner to the left: Big closet

Do you have any additional questions about our setup? Let us know in the comments down below!

Need more details on our system specifications? Check out this page for more information. Follow us on instagram.

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